Friday, April 22, 2016

S is for Sweden Scented Snow peas

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!


Bannes, Steve speaks

Sunset Beach,
Megan and Ben date

Sony tapes
subjects on math, science, arts, politicas satisfy

Sina is Laszlo Stein,
she promotes  Maya Bera, Joel Stein, and   Ramesh Agarwal

Cora represents France Cordova,
she impresses Burns Hargis, Ann Hargis, Linda Jaco, and Dale Alsapch

sadness never quits,
sunny seattle replaces Saint Thomas, Saint Lawrence, Saint Joseph, and Saint Mark

sing a song,
sign an agreement,

Say YEs to  Parag Banerjee, Tom Kent,  Benjamin Bathke, Trevor Bilhorn,
sit next to Thomas Edison, James Wrighton, Patrick Stein, Rusty Stein, and Alberto Wilshire

Jennifer Wisdom is right
Calvin Farmer, Rhonda Gregory, Todd Holm are great.

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