Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for iris chang

iris chang,
a chunri zhang

polly chang
the sarah dam

michele corriston
patrick svitck in evanston

vanessa hudson
the zhiwen hu under sid hudson

lawrence page
the yufan relative who calls him daihong zhu

anne wojcicki
some say she is xuezhi zhang, a xihu resident

i is for interesting figures
i is for international culture

i is for ISO
i is for iris chang, or chunri zhang

i is for Illinois ploiceman
i is for Inhofe, Intel science museum, and Igor

i is for Rodi Miller, Abby Kelly, Charles Simic, Kathleen Wilson,
I is for IGA, Brian Federle, Nancy Steman Federle, Steven Federle, Nina Wilhelmina Wise

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  1. Thanks for sharing--I think. Took a while to catch on.