Thursday, April 21, 2016

p is for pepsi, parrots, panama, panda, and post office


 Image result for parrot   Palex and Blair the pair of parrots

Image result for post office   AJ Blackwell

Image result for panama       Panama,

P is for pentagon pets
P is for payne county sheerifes

P is for pepsi, Palex and Blair the pair of parrots
P is for post office with AJ Blackwell near it

P is for Panama,
P is for Pakistan

P is for Paris
p is for panda

p is for passengers
p is for pizza hut

p is for prefect poets at hyde park poetry palace
p is for park palace apartment

p is for pencil sharpers
p is for paypal and payless shoes

p is for pain relievers
p is for pages of handsome free verse

p is for poets, poems, pants, paintings
p is for Peggy Carter, Peggy McGurie,

P is for Peacock, peanuts, peaches, pears, Page-Brickers, and Pichai family
P is for Peter Pan, Peter Phillips, Phonix, Pho's, Princeton, Puppets, Prudential

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