Thursday, April 6, 2017

poets rally week 84, Techcrunch, and Twitter media

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laugh)

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So many devices, all in their shells
Meanwhile memories trapped in ourselves
Need something here that’s trapped over there
It’s enough to make anyone pull out their hair
A layer’s what we need, to stitch them together
So data can flock like birds of a feather
Free up our minds by quelling the fear
That all of our moments could just disappear
Next on the roadmap, Connect All The Things!
So from TVs to tablets our files can swing
There’s one hundred million that already heart it
But Drew says that Dropbox is just getting started.

-by Josh Constine, TechCrunch

Twitter Poem
The poem creates a space.
It hides in a tent in a forest.
Making its own bed it falls asleep in the dark,
wakes up under a lamp or the sun.

Billy Collins, whose new book of poems is “Horoscopes for the Dead.”

earth devotes
break in a wave train
fallout active plume cloud spills
red reactors give
cross characters translated
in kanji could say much more

Claudia Rankine, whose latest book of poems is “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely.”

Teeny tiny poem
Teeny tiny poem/just enuf 2hold/1 xllent big word/Impluvium/open-eyed courtyrd/collectng rain/as all poems do/ skylife, open/birds do:/ tweet

Elizabeth Alexander, whose latest book of poems is “Crave Radiance,” and who wrote and delivered a poem for the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Low Pay Piecework
The fifth-grade teacher and her followers—
Five classes, twenty-eight in each, all hers:
One-hundred-and-forty different characters.
Robert Pinsky, whose “Selected Poems” will be published next month.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Poetry Cornorstones from Kirkpatrick and Blackwelder Turnpike March Views

Florence Wilson
John Olson
Jim Browne Dulaney
Gordon Phillips
Owen Wimberly
Steve Garmin
Emily Garmin
Bart Dawson
William Shdeed
Jobeth Moad
TRevor Perry
Edith Kinney Gaylord
Larry Wade
Thomas Dayva
Trueman Hall
Sam Baker
Warren Buffeett
George Murphy
Karen Khanagov
Chloe Wojin
Benjin Wojin
Yuan Kong
Scott Larson
ayan maiti
chris Mcdonald
eric Trump
jared Kushner
bei xiao
bin xie
mingming (kayla) zhang
Jinou zhang
ann Lacy
Aline Boyd
Clara Jones
Erik Heine
Jesus Ramos Kittrell
Katy Kinard
Susan Dillard
Shartel Packards
Bobby Kerr
Robert Kerr
Jerry Bona
Peter Constantin
Andrew Rettek
Sarah Hogan
Kevin Hargrove
Frank Xie
Steve Xie
Guo Ying
Stone Wall
Judy Wang
Chris Wang
Willa Xie
Fu Zhixiong
Joseph Ferretti
Bernice Shedrick
Jerry Vannatta
Mark Lemons
G. T. Blankenship
Donald Halverstadt
Mary Jane Noble
Giuseppe Adami
Jan McDaniel
Nico Muhly
Matthew Mailman
Philip Glass
Robert Moran
Charles Koslowske
Cole Porter
Russel Rouse
David Herendeen
Bob Baker
Mark Parker
Chandler White
Marc Shaiman
Emily Wilkinson
Kenna Griffin
Darla Shelden
Tina Laudau
Patrick McGuigan
Dustin Woods
Edward Shadid
Meredith Owens
Rebecca Sharp
Basheer Shakir
Dave Quick
Jeff Bezos
Bob Young
Jeff Gorton
Kim Weiss
Maylamp Peruvian
Edward Curtis
Scotty Irani
Sue Kinsey
Veronica Woody
James Wood
Lucas Wood
Jackie Weinaug
Nick Paumgarten
Erin Boley
Tim Kaine
mary fisher
joseph fisher
sam clancy
tom l. wu
sheng wu
frank shengbutow
wesley liao
xin zhao
huijiao hu
huasheng hu
guoliang hu
rong yan
Maria Taylor
Wise Digs Berry
Melinda Pennoyer
Doug Tompkins
Rick Ridgeway
Malinda Chouinard
Tom Frost
Chuck Pratt
Sierra Clubbers
Kris McDivitt
Howard Hughes
Jimi Hendricks
M'Bilia Meekers
Tom Brokaw
Hiram Henry
Bud Seratean
Bill Knights
Susitna McGuane
Amelia Wilson
Rivka Galchen
Eric Chan-tin
H. K. dai
Kyle Boren
Mariet Nguyen
Hayley Ward
Sundai Pichar
Eric Schmidt
Larry Page
Sergey Brin
Samantha Murphy
Elena murphy
Julio Ontino
John Evans

short story slam week 65, Wilson Hurley, Dustin Woods, Gordon Phillips, Melinda Pennoyer, and Mariet Nguyen

short story slam week 65, Wilson Hurley, Dustin Woods,
Gordon Phillips, Melinda Pennoyer, and Mariet Nguyen
all sing for high moutain views
adding Grace Lu, Nguyen Tu,
we see things other way
lovely new yorker,
they write poetry
throw heavy fists of painted portraits
of Lisa Mona to Broadway audience
thanks to Dana wilson and Kathleen Donald Hurley

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ann peters

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

short story slam week 62, the wonders and thoughts of Boonie, Charles, Marshall, Sidney, Ron, Laynie, and sharp

Whirligig 97 

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Ways of Rebelling" by Nathalie Handal: poking, pain, proper, hummingbirds, heavy, heard, country, compare, can, survive, sky, storm

 Image result for lucille painting landscapes 

Image result for lucille painting landscapes
Image result for lucille painting landscapes 

ways of circulation
method of instruction

Nathalie Handai,
Amelia ShenPay

poking pain improperly
hummingbirds flap their wings for Magpies

heard heavy pondering heart
Diet Coke cans offends Diet Pepsi soda pops

to survive the skyrocketing price
Paisley and Emily operate a book shop

to enrich vision A and blues in B
we all write poetry to please Kay Baker, Akiko Yan, Amy Shen, Kyle Torke, Julia Wood, Leah Wilson


a racoon sits next to a mouse
the rooster flies airplanes to escape the wolves

Jerry Brown, Yan Jupeng, Wang Baochuan, Yan Simiei, Yan Qingbo, Yan Pengchuan, Yan Yizhi,
none of them agree to know Barbara Bush, Mary Christ Trump, Boonie Hayden, and Peggy Yern

Sunday, December 11, 2016

short story slam week 58, red cliff and the spirits of battles in between and among people

short story slam week 58,  red cliff and the spirits of
battles in between and among people

the head, the servant,
the troops, and the weapons

life could be dangerous
opera carries some old war wounds

we look, listen, and survive,
we write, share, and inspire,

lovely warren and raymond james
jennifer stone and wendy james

when Melenia Trump speaks of truce, peace,
she means embrace without admitting failures

when Eric Trump and Donald Trump I, II, III travel to Italy, Peru, and South Africa,
we know cultural differences and international taboos

we preserve, respect, and compete,
hopefully through technology, math, science, and music

Scott Jackson and Dennis McClurg Kenna love Baples and Taylor,
while Judy Wang and Lori Webster love Kuizhi Yu and Hongtu Li opera

maybe google and yahoo disagree with the WU, SUN, ZHOU, CAO, KONG singers
but we do pay attention to Burns Hargis, Jim Halligan, Mary Fallin, Jerry Brown, and Larry Page

 below is Yan Linbing



below is Tang Wan, 



below is  Shen Wan



 below is Xie Linyun

below is a girl called Xiao Qiao

Monday, November 21, 2016

short story slam week 57, Virginia Clinton Kelley, Dorothy Howell Rodham, Barbara Walker Bush, John Handcock, and Paradox Dunham

short story slam week 57, Virginia Clinton Kelley, Dorothy Howell Rodham,
Barbara Walker Bush, John Handcock, and Paradox Dunham

at around 1881, Wang Baochuan was born in Tianjin, People's republic of China,
at 1878, Yan Jupeng was born at Xiantao, Mian Yang county, Hubei Provence
they live from north to south, never knowing that one day, they will meet,
and get married.

During 1890s, especially in 1917, Sun Yat Sen lauches Xin Hai revolution, his
rebell to Qing, Qian Long emperor casts huge disagreement among white friends,
especially white friends from England, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Yemen,
India, South Korea, or Peru, etc.  in 1921, 1927, Chinese Communists party rise,
they often disagree with Peng Batian landlord, and also disagree to go under
American force ruled by Audie Leonard Murphy Thomas Williamwood, Donald Reagan,
Hugh Rodham, William Jefferson Blythe, William Bush, Fraser Robinson,
Madelyn Dunham...World War I from 1914-1918 casts lots of lives from both Asia
and America, European, Indians, and Africans

name a few warlords, we know Wu Peifu, Xia Yuhe, Mei Lanfang, Li Yuhe, Liu Yanchang,
Han Ying, Jiang Jieshi, Jiang jinGuo, Yuan Shikai, Yang Kaihui, Peng Dehuai, Wang Guiying...

Emperor Yan Jupeng and Wang Baochuan get married at Wu Jiapo, a place
rural, and safe, in October 20, 1908, in December 28, 1909,
their first daughter was born in Hanyang city, Wuhan Railway signal company,
called Tie Siyuan, and in next five year, they have two other daughters,
referring Barbarak Walker Bush, Virginia Clinton Kelley, Dorothy Howell Rodham,
life for Wang Baochuan is tough, she has problems raising her children when
Bai Lu army, Xin Si Army, Red Army, Japanese army, and American army come to
Beijing, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Nanjing, and Nanchang to fight

Yan Ju peng has left their Wuhan home, staying in Beijing, trying to manage
the government business...and He paid abundant for a rich lord's daughter
Monica Lewisky's grandma to babysit Yan Juer, Barbara, Virginia, Dorothy in safe
harbor Kaifeng, while maintaining a president /emperor position to China,
their two lords are born as Yan Shuifan, and Yan Yizhi, we refer to Patrick Ryan,
and Thomas Ryan Perez,

during world war II 1941-1944, Yan Jupeng moved to Yufan near Han Shui river,
becoming a fisherman 

in short,

Yan Jupeng //  Wang Baochuan

  Yan Juer
   Yan Shuifan
   Yan Yizhi
    Barbara Walker Bush
    Virginia clinton Kelley
    Dorothy Howell Rodham
    Mary Quinnlan Trump
   Warren Buffet

after civil war in 1945, or before 1949,

Barbara Bush married George Herbert bush
Virginia clinton kelley married William Jefferson Blythe
Dorothy Howell rodham married Hugh Rodham
Yan Juer married Peng Zhongqiang,
Yan Shuifan married Lucy Doyle
Yan Yizhi married Ann Marie Staudemaier
Mary Quinnlan Trump married Fredrick Carnegie Trump
Warren Buffet married Astrid Menks, later Susan Buffet

while Barbara, Virginia, and Dorothy follow their American husbands Hugh, William,
and George's lead, residing in America, in area such as New Haven, Buffalo, Sherman,
Sikestone, Scranton, Little rock, Lawrence, Saint Louis, Seattle, San Francisco, Kingston,
Henryetta, Ponca City, Boston, New York city, and El Paso.... Yan Juer, Yan Shuifan,
and Yan Yizhi remain in mainland China until 1996...  after Yan Jupeng and Wang Baochuan
and their entire offspring residing in Chicago, IL or Princeton, NJ, the family has grown
so large, none will believe that they actually have highest officer positions among their grandlords,
or child alike...

until 2015, we found that so many relatives have won fame internaionally,
as a lawyer and a freelance observer, we find that we have so many literacy talents,
music magicians, and political officers around our backyard

from 1909 to 2009, we have grandchildren born from Yan Jupewng and Wang Baochuan as follow

Jeb Bush
Neil Bush
Dorothy Bush Koch
Marvin Bush
Robin Bush
Roger Clinton
Bill William Jefferson Clinton (1946)
George Walker Bush (1946)
Billy Bush
Jonathan S. Bush
John Prescott Ellis
Alexander Ellis III
Joe Ellis
Josiah Wear Ellis
Nancy Walker Ellis Black
Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Eric Trump
Barron Trump
Tiffany Trump
Yang Zhiyuan
Yang Yongcai
Yang Wuai
Peng Hounian (1946)
Wu Huiqing
Wu Hongxin
Yan Simei (1946)
Yan Anzhi
Yan Yingfang
Yan Heyuan
Peng Houyuan
Peng Houping
Peng Hongnian
Peng Housong
Peng You Er
Judy Wang
Frank Wang
Liu Xifan
Liao Shuchuan
Zhang Hong
Zhong Yongmin
Fu Zhixiong
Tu Jun
Lu xiaohua
Yu Qian
Zhang Zhongbing
Ma Bing
Suo Feng
Yan Qun
Zhao Xin
Hu Huasheng
Hu Huijiao
Feng Shui E
Ji Shengxiong
Wang Daxue
Zhou Kaimin
Zhou Tao
Xu Jianying
Ma Shiping
Zheng Baoxia
Zhao Fugui
Zhu Cao
Zhao Weidong
He Mingying
Gao Yan
Gao Hongjian
Meng Ying
Li Donghua
Zhou Huiju
He Jinyuan
Zen Shijie
Sun Jianfeng
Sun Honglan
He Dajie
Yu Bingyu
Gong Xiao
Wang DEhua
Zhu Xiaofeng
Peng Danping
You Jiangsheng
Teng Dawei
Zhang Bing
Jiu Quansen
Xu xiaojing
Amy Shen
Yan Jun
Luo Jie
Tan Zhikang
Tan Jian
su Youpeng
su hui
zhang xuezhi
zhang jinzhi
yang meilin
yang wanrong
yan yongcui
yan yongshun
yan yongtao
yan aiqing
ann blair
joseph singer
joe biden
jill tracy biden
ashley biden
Peng Siyuan
huang Wenfan
Wu Wenhui
Dai yonghui
Zhu Taozhi
Li Tao
Morton Schapiro
Julio Ottino
Robert Hasty
Peter Constantin
Bie Yuejing
Bie Mama
Shuai Jin E
Shuai Heping
Shuai Dasi
Chen Jiaqing
Wang Xinzhou
He Zhangmei
Kong Hansen
Liu Xianjing
Liu Zhongnian
James Shannon Murphy
Terrence Michael Murphy
Jennifer Lopex
Dana Murphy
Xi Jinping
Peng Liyuan
Norah Murphy
Glory Murphy
Steve Wood
Stepahan Wilson
Kathleen Wilson
Bessy Fan
Charles Fan

we are very excited  about some world famous prize in literature and in math research
and in opera singing...we list a few of our relatives, including relatives in human science,
soil science, and computer technology

Mo yan
Yang Lan
Dong Qing
Tian Hua
Li Shengsu
Yu Kuizhi
Zhao Benshan
Pan Changjiang
Yan Shuxian
Yu Lanfeng
Yuri Uchida
Sherry Kim
Sheng Wu
Lee Fan
Brian Langer
Ani Ajit
Ajit Jain
John Hancock
Wu Jiahong
Alice Walker
Maya Anglou
Peng Chuanhui
Peng Chuanxian
Peng Chuanzhen
Liu Shihe
Liu Ying
Yan Ji
Wang Min
Wang Yuewan
Wang Guiqiang
Yang Chenlin
Lin Fanhua
Qiu Chentong
kong qiangjiao
zhao yang
xiao bei
xu pengcheng
dai qingqing
dai wangbing
emily cains
braxton noble
tom l wu
abbey wood
Tong Simei
Larry Gosney
Megan Barry
Bruce Barry
Chelsea kim
Kerena Yan
Molly Martin
Dan Quayle
Prescott Bush
Dorothy Walker Bush
Hannah Jones
Tonya Jones
Jason Cox
Tyler Cassidy Clinton
James Eldridge Cassidy
Edith Grisham
Jim Murphy
Sam Walton
Jonanthan Bush
Nancy Walker Bush
Chelsea Clinton
Flora Sheldon
Samuel Bush
Jenna Bush Hager
Barbara Welch Bush
Chelsea Henry Clinton
Malia Obama
Sasha Obama
Rafael Perez
Grace Perez
Auma Obama
Malik Abongo Obama
Paradox Dunham
Michelle Obama
Maya Soetoro-Ng
Lolo Soetoro
Marian Shields Robinson
Madelyn Dunham
Ann Dunham Stanley
Amelia Wilson
Joy Evelyn Wilson
George Wilson
Alison Schmidt
Sophie Schmidt
Sundai Pichar
Alison Wu
Amelia Wu
Emily Wu
Larry Page
Jonathan rosenberg
Alan Eagle
Alan Noell
John Wolfe
John Wong
Sean Yen
Akiko Suwanai
Dai Han An Ni
Gu Juji

 Arabella Rose Kushner
Joseph Frederick Kushner
Theodore James Kushner
 Kai Trump
Madison Trump
Chloe Trump
Franklin Trump

Friday, November 4, 2016

My Memory Art, Nixpage--Spring, and Short Story Slam week 56

Giving ~ Day 4 

 Image result for passport renewal


  Image result for spring garden     

Image result for spring garden  
 Image result for spring garden 

Spring is up,
Amy and Scott walk around the Rue
a yellow blossom
and a purple and blue basket

a blank pay check reads John Bartley
a swing lets Rebecca Marlo fly
butterfly imagery
rainbow color mood