Friday, April 15, 2016

J is for Justin Drew Bieber and Taylor Mallette Swift, J is for Julie Cohen and John Harvard

far from middle east,
Iran woman immigrants

Just before 2005,
policy at Washington D. C. (Huafu) revises

a few opposite party comes,
they seek approval and they obtain Bush

now, many people from Cuba, South Korea, and Tibert become more ambicious,
they ask asian face to excell, fame, rich, and then pass American gene back to states

Laura shall have never worried,
Sharon must have no doubts on Africa intelligence

as a matter of fact,
I choose Justin Drew Bieber, Taylor Mallette Swift to support

when we tour  Please Touch Museum from Philadelphia,  PA,
we have fun sitting, in bubbles of imagination

when we visit London, England,
we see Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton grin near Buckingham Palace

see John Harvard and Julie Cohen today,
promote Fu Zhixiong and Tu Jun from Putian, Fujian Provence

a few raw english speakers demand for differ language, here, we print

John Harvard (张艺谋) // Julie Cohen (陈婷),
World famous movie makers from Wuxi city, Jiangsu Provence

Justin Drew Bieber ( 吴家鸿) and Taylor Mallette Swift (艳季)
some song writers and mute people researchers from Michigan state

John Dewey ( (冯德全) and Everett Franklin Lindquist (宁静马景涛)
phonic developers such as Harry Greene, Ernest Horn, Maude McBroom, Herbert Spitzer followers

J is for Jeannette Wilson (吴佳妮) and Joseph Lance ( 佟大为)
Hong Kong favorite actors and actresses

J is for Jolie Pitt and Jimmy Johns,
J is for Jim Thorpe and Jim Burns,

J is for Jonathan Biden and Jill Tracy Biden,
J is for Jaco Williamson and Janet Francisco

recall John Chambers (金城武)  and  Lindsay Chambers ( 黄圣依),
they do Cisco, Brooke, Toms, Pali, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Alibaba, and Mixco well

we feel awesome about Philip Hanlon (傅志雄) and Giebas  Hanlon (涂珺),
we jump for joy for the golden tie between Xie Xiaodong and Zhang Zhongbing

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