Thursday, April 7, 2016

e is for Egypt Art, Ether-Wall

A Fabulous Inquiry On Nutrition, Fitbit Melody, and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Palace Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 83), apr 1-may 2, 2016
Eggwhite, Emma Watson,
Excel software,  East Town

Egypt art
eggland maps

Elegant Will Roger airport
Cafe Oklahoma snack with Barbara

Elizabeth's shop
Easy Mark Bookmarks from Conyers, Georgia

Expressway northwest 39th street, 7950
Jim's Diner from Bethany, Laura Peterson

Emily Dickerson day break,
K 2 2 Inc bubble gum with Maxey's

Tobacco Beer Gas at Warr Acres,
Edwards Park Fishing Lake, 1515 north bryant

Edmond Sun news,
Earl Harris Bethany elementary school next to Bethany Middle school, high school

Southwern Nazarene University,
Larry Olson promotes Andrew Hanson

Blair Spindle orchestra the horn easily,
the music sings through ears of Jimmy Quick and Hazel Quick

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