Friday, April 15, 2016

L is for Larry King, LaPlace Equation in Math, and Lowe's

First, some ask for the names to appear
Then, my brain has become blair blur ...

if you think that Ann Blair is Liu Ying,
I disagree, unless I see these persons in one single union

if you agree that Mira Singer is Zhang Shaoyan,
i say, you arr confusing

when some tell me that Linda Neal is Meng Ying
i may assume that He Jinyuan is David Boren

at last, I refuse to say anything but state
at USA, we print Larry King, Laplace Equation, Alan Noell

We appreciate Lowe's, Larry's, Lawton, Lorton, Laura Willis,
Lucinda Page, Lisa Storm, Lucy's, Laurence Yep, Lauren Harrison

we keep brain storming,
We recall Leah Henry, Li Ning, Liz Loperz, Lee Sandwiches, Lincoln Mart

Lincoln Park zoo is free from Chicago,
Lowe's screw drivers are handy

Liu Shihe, Liu Yingjie, Liu Xifan, Lanfeng Yu, Lan Yang, Liu Yan,
Linda Jaco, Louis Science Museum, Louisanna State University,

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