Tuesday, April 5, 2016

C is for Cordova relatives


from new jersey,  to new york,
from princeton, to washington d. .c,
Cordova, Escobar, Ortiz, Pittman, Nieves, Grant, Rivera, and DelValle rise

family members,
France Cordova // Francisco Cordova,
their love converges to Luis Cordova, Ann Welsh, Anne Foster, and Christian Foster

distant relatives,
France Ann Cordova // Debra Frances Harvey,
their friends look forward to Fanny Cordova, Maria Pickett, Dwaine Feaster...

cousins, siblings, in-laws,
Alenise Ortiz // Jaime Rivera
their relation thrive via poetry rally week 83, and blogging challenge a to z in april, 2016

let's rain aids and back up technology to James Ortiz, Lagarion Grant, Jeanneette Nieves,
Jayln Mitchell, john Escobar, Ana Ortiz, Sol Ortiz, Venetia Pittman, Lucy Ortiz, Krystal Ortiz

C is for cozy, croft, crafts, and cordova crowning,
C is for constantin, conyers, coleman, curt, clinton, canada, and carol or carlson

C is for Cordova relatives,
we see Heather Ortiz // Delvalle Delvalle
we see sprouts forming as Cassandra Ortiz-Delvalle, DElvalle Sandra Ortiz, Sandra Ortizanx

C is for Comfort Inn,
C is for Connecticut,
C is for Cora Marriet, Susan Hann, Clark Cooper, Kim Elliott, Angela Harris

C is for coconut briage,
C is for Crim, Cram, California, Cactus, Clark, Claire, Cheney, Crawford,
C is for Zita Barnett, Sara Dwyer, Paul Spyropoulos, Ryan Bael, and Fleming Crim

C is for Convernient J fuel stops,
C is for Murphy USA customer service,
C is for Chris Raun, Christina Fallin, Jamey Peterson Calculua, Kris Arthur Notepads

C is for Cordova and Cora,
C is for Constant function in Constantin space,
C is for Cambridge Harvard University and Crystal Ortiz fashion designs

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