Sunday, April 3, 2016

B is for Barclay credit and Boston, Massachussets musicians


Barbara bush feels delighted
because her son and daughter-in-law are framed at Eskimo Joe's

Stan Clark, a figure who seems very smart,
He invites a president on May 22, 2014, to dine at his counterpart shop

Eskimo Joe beers,
Eskimo Joe t-shirts

Eskimo Joe pen
Eskimo joe socks

Eskimo joe post card
Edkimo joe long pants

products and famous rooted wines
everything goes down the valley of Gina Noble, John Bartley, David Schmidly

B is for Barclay credit card,
B is for Barack Obama and Bien David, B is for Bank of America

B is for Bank of Oklahoma, B is for Boston cambridge,
B is for Brown University, B is for Bricktown business

B is for Buddy Wood, Budget Inn Hotel, Budget car rental,
B is for Brad Henry, Brent Wood, Baylee Henry, Emily Claude, Julie Cohen

B is for Beecave,
B is for Boise, Odaho

B is for bread and bamboo baskets
B is for beef stock and Birkenstock

Blogging from A to Z day two is for B words,
John Harvard will be surprised about John Holton, joy campbell

Be a regular fiction writer, and pump the blogging platform with words of Zalka Xsenge Virag,
Jeremy, Heather Gardner, Arlee Bird, Bret, Bruce, Burns Hargis,  Burns Flat


  1. That reminds me- I need to pay my credit card :)

  2. B for Bindaas [A colloquial for free spirited] :)
    What a great theme for the challenge.

    [@womod] from

  3. That's a lot of 'B' words. My daughter is at school in Boston and I think they're getting some snow today.
    Susan Says