Tuesday, February 7, 2017

short story slam week 62, the wonders and thoughts of Boonie, Charles, Marshall, Sidney, Ron, Laynie, and sharp

Whirligig 97 

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Ways of Rebelling" by Nathalie Handal: poking, pain, proper, hummingbirds, heavy, heard, country, compare, can, survive, sky, storm

 Image result for lucille painting landscapes 

Image result for lucille painting landscapes
Image result for lucille painting landscapes 

ways of circulation
method of instruction

Nathalie Handai,
Amelia ShenPay

poking pain improperly
hummingbirds flap their wings for Magpies

heard heavy pondering heart
Diet Coke cans offends Diet Pepsi soda pops

to survive the skyrocketing price
Paisley and Emily operate a book shop

to enrich vision A and blues in B
we all write poetry to please Kay Baker, Akiko Yan, Amy Shen, Kyle Torke, Julia Wood, Leah Wilson


a racoon sits next to a mouse
the rooster flies airplanes to escape the wolves

Jerry Brown, Yan Jupeng, Wang Baochuan, Yan Simiei, Yan Qingbo, Yan Pengchuan, Yan Yizhi,
none of them agree to know Barbara Bush, Mary Christ Trump, Boonie Hayden, and Peggy Yern