Thursday, November 12, 2015

three word Wednesday

3WW Week No. 469

 naked, obey, piercing

 Image result for google ceo
Image result for google ceo

when google ceo changes from Eric to Larry,
Megan Barry becomes very merry

when mountain view folks prefer Sundar Pichai,
many Los Angeles residents wonder why

because smart people often gets tired
if too many seagulls sit and crowd the Charles street

diverging ideas surface
if new energy emerges

obey rules
yet let piercing disagreement fold and sit else where sometimes

Yi Cui resides Standford university,
her thesis could be of google blogging surface and templete

so, android cell and eric schmidt sits,
always, Sergey brin and larry page discuss new topics

not sure why indian food becomes more popular
yet, due to true facts, we love the spicy chicken at Taj

of course, naked thoughts could mislead
but, we are hopeful, promoting different flavors in lucinda southworth sense